Рапсовый жмых оптом от компании ООО «Звезда»

Rapeseed Oil Cake

21.50 Rubles/kg*

* 指出俄罗斯新西伯利亚仓库(EXW)的按卢布计算的批发价格。为了收到一个个别的报盘并进行物流计算,请在]网站办理预定。价格为参考而指出,不是公开报价。



It is produced using the method of pressing the rapeseeds. Rapeseed oil cake is a nutritious feed for farm animals, which contains a large amount of protein - from 34 to 40%.

It is an easily digestible and a high-energy fodder additive, which is added to feed both young and adult species.

Rapeseed oil cake is rich in protein, as well as in phosphatides and vitamins. It contains calcium, potassium and other micro- and macro elements enough for healthy growth and development.

Rapeseed cake is widely used in agriculture, as it is suitable for feeding most farm animals: cattle, poultry, pigs, goats, sheep, fur-bearing animals.


Keep away from direct sunlight in closed ventilated rooms in bulk or in bags.