Маргарин столовый молочный 82% «Эфко», «СолПро» оптом от компании ООО «Звезда»

Table Milk Margarine 82% “Efko”, “SolPro”

a Box of 20 kg

140.00 Rubles/item*

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Fat content



Table milk margarine 82% is used in production of sugar, sand, hard-dough cookies, crackers, biscuits, cakes and other bakery products.

Benefits of usage

  • It provides high organoleptic characteristics of the product (pure creamy taste and flavor) which remain stable for the whole period of shelf life;

  • It provides a stable emulsion;

  • It has good aeration characteristics;

  • It provides easy formation of dough;

  • It ensures that the shape of product preserves the same after baking;

  • It gives the baked products a golden-brown color;

  • It provides high stability of the product to oxidation

  • Margarines and TF fats ensure that the products are produced with a reduced content of trans-isomers of fatty acids.


It complies with ТР ТС 024/2011 "Technical regulations for oil and fat products" and is produced in accordance with GOST 32188-2013.


Keep at temperatures between –20 ° C and +20 °.

Shelf life: 12 months.